• Will your teachers come to my home or do we have to go to them?

All of our team members go to your home and work with your child in your own home. Our team members can also meet you at a library or make arrangements to work with your child at school.
  • Can my child attend public school and receive a scholarship?

No, your child cannot have both. When a child receives a scholarship they are no longer eligible to attend their home public school. 

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  • How do I apply for the scholarships?

Applying for both scholarships is easy. Contact us and we will submit the application for you! The Autism Scholarship can be granted any time throughout the year. The Jon Peterson Scholarship has 2 application periods each year.​
  • How much money are the Autism Scholarship and the Jon Peterson Scholarship?

The Autism Scholarship is $27,000 a year. The Jon Peterson Scholarship is up to $27,000 a year dependent upon you child’s diagnosis.​

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  • How can my family afford your services?

If your child has a developmental disability and an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) then they will qualify for the Autism Scholarship

or the Jon Peterson Scholarship through the Ohio Department of Education

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